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Yet Another Backup Script for Zimbra Community Edition GroupWare Server

Backup script for Zimbra Community Edition

This is a script to make full and differential backups of the Zimbra Community Edition (FOSS) e-mail & groupware server.

Script features

  • Secure, Archives with strong encryption
  • Archive compression
  • Optional Off-site copying of archives
  • MD5 checksums for integrity checks
  • Weekly backup rotation - 1 Full & 6 Diff's per rotation
  • Email report on Full backup
  • Email notification on errors
  • Backup file lists
  • Installer & Setup option for quick deployment

Use with cron for automated full and differential backups

Download the script from our download section (see above)!

 Forum disscution about this script can be found at the Zimbra forums


Last Updated ( Sunday, 17 January 2010 )